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Thinking About Ending Your Marriage But You Don't Know How To Tell Your Spouse?

You have a choice: pain or peace.

It begins with how you tell your spouse you want a divorce. If you say, "I can't stand your guts!", expect a very expensive war that lasts for years.

If you move out and then refuse to talk except through lawyers, you'll overspend & conflict will be through the roof before you're done. 

You need to think outside the box, to plan. This is where I can help.

I created a Divorce Questionnaire & Script  based on my personal experience of telling my husband our marriage was over, and keeping it peaceful.

It works.

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Allison H.

Kim’s questionnaire and script were very helpful in ending my marriage to my trauma-laden spouse. They were a real eye-opener. When I went through the questions, I realized the good memories were all 15 – 16 years old.

 The question 'when was your first inkling the marriage wouldn't last?'  gave me a huge epiphany. I knew immediately what my answer was.  It was two years into the relationship that lasted for 29 years, and the scenario is still very clear in my mind. I knew then it was time to end my marriage and create a better life for me.

 That was a year ago. Since then, I feel like I have come back to myself. I've painted the house top to bottom, purged top to bottom, done a ton of yard work. All very cathartic. And when that was done, a new job showed up. 

 Once the active trauma was gone from the house, all of a sudden there was space for the rest of us.  Overall, I think the biggest feeling for the four of us (me & kids) is Relief.

Claudia G.

One of my friends had been struggling in her marriage for a long time. I knew she didn't know what to do to end it. She was afraid her husband would be angry or hurt.

Then I met Kim in a Facebook group. She told me about this Divorce Script.

I shared the link with my friend.

A couple weeks later, my friend thanked me. She'd used Kim's Divorce Script to initiate that difficult conversation with her husband. Much to her surprise, he accepted her words. This enabled them to begin the process of peacefully separating and divorcing. 

Thank you Kim for helping my friend move forward when she was so stuck before we learned of the Divorce Script.